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Commencement T-shirts is a great way for the graduates and their entire families to celebrate their success on graduation day. This commemorative gift includes the names of the entire graduating class clearly and legibly on the back of the T-shirt. Our exciting and simple program has been used by colleges and universities all across the United States. Here’s how it works:


Cost of having us at your commencement ceremony. We will design and print the T-Shirts at NO COST TO YOU. The front of the shirt can be custom designed for your school, and often incorporates the school logo in vibrant colors.


Of the work, cost and responsibility is on us. On the day of your ceremony we will provide you with an ALL-INCLUSIVE SERVICE, which includes delivery, setup of the T-Shirt kiosk, full customer service and clean-up. In addition to on site sales, our kiosk serves as a pick-up location for shirts that are pre-ordered online. For added convenience, we offer a user-friendly website that allows guests to purchase shirts ahead of time, and pick them up on the way into the ceremony.

You receive a commission on every Commencement T-shirt sold at your ceremony.

com•mence•ment t•shirts

|kəˈmensmənt sh ərts|

1. a great way to create smiles at graduation ceremonies, by creatively eternalizing a memorable occasion.

2. a risk-free, effortless revenue and/or fundraising opportunity.


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